JY Power HP-40, 40Ah Lithium Car Audio Battery (12v LiFePO4)


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The new JY Power HP-40 12v lithium is your best choice for supporting your audio systems from 5-14kw draw (with proper alternator support, please see power chart for your application). Utilizing updated LiFePO4 technology the HP-40 is JY Power’s strongest battery to date sporting 5,400w (450a) constant power support, and increased potential pulse power which allows your voltage to stay higher longer! The HP-40 is the perfect choice for stock charging systems with a voltage charge range from 13.8-14.8v, compatibility with the vast majority of vehicles is a huge bonus of LiFePO4 technology. Full specification sheet available to keep you the most informed about your important purchase.

HP-40 Manual

JY Power HP-40 Lithium Battery

Additional information

Nominal Capacity (AH)

40 2C rate

Nominal Resting Charged (V)

13.3 13.15V =30% SOC

ACIR (Mohm)


Average Cycle Life (100% DOD)

3000 1C charge 2C discharge

Pulse Discharge Rate (A)

800 5s 11.5+

Maximum Operating Conditions:


Continuous Discharge Rate (A)

450 30s constant voltage at opperational temp 12.0v

Charge Current (A)

300 Exceeding this will reduce cycle life

Charge Voltage Cutoff (V)

15.5 Exceeding this will drastically reduce cycle life, above 16.4v may cause cells to rupture.

Discharge Voltage Cutoff (V)

8 Exceeding this will reduce cycle life and may damage the cells

High Operating Temp (F/C)

140/60 Exceeding this will reduce cycle life and may damage the cells

Low Operating Temp (F/C)

-40/-40 Apply low load to let unit self heat before any use